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Esquires Cody "Renegade" Ries signs 3 year deal with the K.O Boxing Promotion

Esquire Executive Management client Cody “Renegade” Ries Just signed a 3 year Deal with the Canada’s Premium Boxing Promotion K.O Boxing

We at Esquire are very happy to announce that the Renegade has just signed a 3 year deal with K.O Boxing. It was really great to have a home for Cody with such a reputable promotion as K.O Boxing is really great to their athletes puts on a 1st class show every fight card. We look forward to seeing Cody rise up the ranks within the K.O Boxing promotion with the possibility of a Canadian title over the horizon. Let’s all get behind the Renegade and show him the support to one day become champion.

You can always get your fight tickets & dinner tables from the Renegade Ticket Hotline ph.780-700-6097.  

Credit for photo by Guhdar Photography

Q & A for the Renegade:

Boxing wasn’t his first choice of a combat sport but it is the one in which Cody Ries has chosen to compete at and make a name for himself. Cody “Renegade Ries is a rare breed which has no amateur boxing career however after some professional mixed marital arts fights he decided to try professional boxing. Most athletes struggle when going from MMA to boxing however Cody found a way to exceed. With riding a 6 fight win streak the Canadian Professional Boxing Council has the Renegade ranked 7th in Canada at middleweight (160lbs). This is a huge accomplishment for anyone let alone an athlete with zero amateur boxing fights.

Why sign with a management company?

Well that’s a great question as I never thought about being managed as I truly didn’t understand the game until I got a few fights deep. Now I realize the importance of being properly managed as there are so many behind the scene items that require to be completed and if you don’t have a team handling that aspect you can miss out on allot of opportunities. My job is to train and compete and it’s to have to handle everything else as it really would take away from my focus.

What did you do to get yourself to this level?

Cody “Renegade” Ries - I started off as an overweight kid no joke I was a tank. By using martial arts and proper nutrition I was able to shed the weight to be able to really enjoy competing against others in jujitsu and kickboxing tournaments. Proper nutrition and supplements with strength and conditioning brought my level up to stage where I wanted to try professional MMA. I won my first bout and was hooked with competing in professional MMA. With my last MMA fight in which I won and it was a blood bath and I just couldn’t seem to finish my opponent off on the feet so I decided to invest more time in boxing classes. Gasper Bonomo my boxing coach trained me to compete and signed me up for my first professional boxing match and that is how boxing became my sport of choice.

You mention proper nutrition and supplements are there anything special you can suggest?

Cody “Renegade” Ries – I used to take the common supplements and actually make my own protein bars from scratch which is great and saves money. I really would love the opportunity to have a solid supplement sponsor so I could advance myself even further with new supplement. I look at my body as my business so I do invest allot and actually purchased a $5000.00 altitude machine and use it when sleeping for recovery. Now sponsored by with special thanks to my management team I am able to take my nutritional needs to the next level.

What does a typical day look for you?

Cody “Renegade” Ries – Wake up around 10 am or so and have a bite to eat then head to gym for Noon training session followed by a nap. Head to the gym for 5pm for night training session then off to work until 2am. Then I wake back up and do it all over again. My Sundays are my rest days which I go sauna and steam room stretching and take it easy. I am also very thankful for my team to search out new sparring for me at other clubs in the city and grateful for their hospitality they show me by allowing me into their home to spar.

What is your goal with boxing?

Cody “Renegade” Ries – Work my way up the ranks and get a belt!

Next match up in boxing?

Cody “Renegade” Ries – Looks like September will be my next fight date for K.O Boxing.

What is your walk around weight in between fights?

Cody “Renegade” Ries – I walk around healthy at 175lbs to 178lbs.

What’s the lowest weight you would box at?

Cody “Renegade” Ries – Lowest weight I would do is 154lbs and it would have to be for a title as I only will go lower in weight if it is worth something or benefits my career as I am happy at 160lbs as it is an easy cut for me.