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Arctic Combat Fitness & MMA set to implement the GBK Affiliation Program

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Arctic Combat Fitness & MMA set to implement the GBK Affiliation Program

Esquire Executive Management is proud to announce that Arctic Combat Fitness & MMA is set to implement the Gasper Bonomo Kickboxing program in early fall 2016. The GBK program created by Gasper Bonomo Kickboxing is an exciting way to get into shape, especially if you are tired of going to the gym day after day. Many people who choose to start the Gasper Bonomo Kickboxing Program have been going to the gym for years, and no longer find it enjoyable because they are unable to entertain themselves with they are on the treadmill. But once they discovered the Gasper Bonomo Kickboxing Program they have rediscovered their love of working out because it challenges them, as well as burns a large amount of calories which leads to pounds being lost quicker. Arctic Combat Fitness & MMA is excited about this opportunity to provide the very best to their students and is very stoked to implement the program in their club.

When you chose to study a new martial art such as kickboxing, you should not take chances learning how to strike with just anyone. You should be very selective about who you learn from because knowing all the little details of your martial art craft is a critical part of learning. Taking the time to invest in yourself will make you into a better fighter by improving your power, your accuracy, and a number of techniques that will help you manage your energy better.

The GBK program designed for all ages not to mention that the program relieves stress and allows you to learn how to defend yourself. With this program, students are shown right from the start what is expected from them, and what they should expect from their instructors and training partners. In these classes, you will not only learn how to fight, but you will also learn how to master the underlying principles that will help you get better at teaching, training, and being successful in competitions. These simple principles can also be applied to our everyday life, which can help you create a more balanced life.

World class striking coach Gasper Bonomo is based out of in Edmonton, Alberta

Professional Kickboxing Record 21-0

Gasper holds an impressive professional record of 21 wins, 16 by knockout, and no losses.

He also set a Canadian national record for being the first to hold championship belts in 2 different weight classes simultaneously.

NCCP certified level 2 Canadian boxing coach currently active.

*35+ Years Perfecting his craft*

*Building the Basics*

-Muay Thai Kickboxing and Boxing Striking Classes provide a great workout every time

-Beginners can start at any time

-Students are not pressured to fight or spar

-Program is designed for beginner students

-Proper technique is always emphasized in these classes 

*gain self-confidence*


-Effortless weight management, without dieting

-Self-confidence will skyrocket as you being to master the moves

-Your fitness level will start to rise

-Start to feel more energized

-Gain razor sharp concentration skills

-Reduction in daily stress levels

As an added bonus, boxing classes are also a part of the Striking Program, for no additional charge. You will learn this martial art science in a safe and encouraging environment while getting yourself into great shape. There has never been a better time, then now to discover how kickboxing can be life changing.