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Jarid -Datappa- Bussemakers captures the King of the Cage welterweight title

Today, King of the Cage is available on PPV / In Demand to over 50 million homes in more than 25 countries. KOTC is also viewed on Fox Sports Net, which broadcasts to over 200 million homes. King of the Cage is being aired no less than 178 days per calendar year. Through years of blood, sweat and tears, King of the Cage has proven to be an integral part in the evolution of Mixed Martial Arts. No other production has promoted more fights than King of the Cage. 

KOTC has and continues to promote hundreds of shows throughout the world, including 17 of the United States and far-reaching countries such as: England, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, and Australia.

King of the Cage has been a career starter and builder for countless stars as: Forrest Griffin, Quinton Rampage Jackson, Rashad Evans, Krazy Horse, Keith Berry, Mac Danzig, Paul Buentello, Urijah Faber, Joe Stevenson, Diego Sanchez, Thiago Alves, as well as legends like Don Frye, Shonie Carter, Dan Severn, and Vernon “Tiger” White.

Sustainability is the key factor in any production, King of the Cage continues to operate because of a multitude of key factors with one of the most important being its allegiance to the fighters and the fans. 

King of the Cage is the founding father of not only a Sport, but a Lifestyle! 

credit-KOTC-Facebook Bio

Top level jujitsu specialist and Kampmann MMA head coach Jarid Bussemakers is a BLACK Belt which started studying Utsuri-Ryu Jiu-Jitsu 16 years ago under Sensei Joseph Lindal. Utsuri-Ryu translates to “The Changing Way”. Every belt in the system includes a series of Judo Throws and take downs, submission maneuvers, striking and self defense techniques. Jarid competes internationally at 170lbs to 185lbs in mixed martial arts and grappling competitions with a professional record of (7-3) and current king of the cage 170lbs champion.

Japanese old style jujutsu, or Nihon koryu jujutsu, dates back to the Muromachi period in Japan between 1333 and 1573. This old style of martial arts training was focused on teaching the unarmed or very lightly armed warrior to fight a heavily armed warrior. This eventually led to the teaching of a significant amount of grappling, throwing, restraining and weaponry skills to Samurai.

The term jujutsu began to take hold in the 17th century. At the time, it described all of the grappling-related disciplines in Japan that were used and taught by the Samurai. The name "jujutsu" means the "art of softness" or "way of yielding."

We enjoy working with companies in and around the community to support our athlete’s career in a positive way to assist them to reach their goals. With that said we find it mandatory to help our supporters and gain them as much publicity as possible as we greatly appreciated the privilege to have support from so many great companies and people.

Special thanks to the following companies for thier support in making this possible for Jarid