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Esquire Executive Management Athlete Development Grant 

Esquire Executive Management

Athlete Development Grant


-Male or Female.

-Amateur sport athlete competitor living in Edmonton Alberta Canada.

-Age preference given to ages 5 to 21 years of age.

-Parent consent if under 18 years of age.

With becoming an active member in the athlete development program we set out some simple guidelines to ensure your success.

Being part of the athlete development is a privilege and only awarded to 5 athletes.a year.


-Assist to mentor students at the Kamikaze Punishment Foundation positively.

-Be a positive mentor, helpful, kind, and professional at all times leading by example to keep the gym clean and organized.

-Compete in a minimum of 4 tournaments or combative sports competitions per calendar year.

-Attend a minimum of 3 classes per week at Kamikaze Punishment Foundation lead by the head instructor.

-Attend Saturday competitive sparring sessions as a team.


-Develop sports resume.

-State the sport you compete in.

-State your previous experience.

Email application to: