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In between rounds with athlete Flavio-Angolan Assassin- Mitchel

In between rounds with athlete

Flavio-Angolan Assassin- Mitchel   

Flavio has been taking 2016-2017 to focus on his personal development by working towards competing his personal training certification. It is a good transition for many athletes to better themselves by becoming a key figure in the fitness industry.  


Flavio realizes his physique can only get him so far in the boxing industry so he made the switch from general fitness training to sports specific training which can be seen in his last match with regards to his ring stamina. After settling in with his new team and coaches he looks forward to making a push to be one of Canada's top boxers in his weight division.

Flavio states {With a solid team and core foundation of positive people putting the extra effort into his training he looks forward to the upcoming WARS} Blessed to see what the future holds for him and expects fireworks after the long lay off! 

Flavio-Angolan Assassin- Mitchel

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