Esquire Executive Management

"The Sky is the limit"

Esquire Executive Management believes in building our clients with quality and integrity in mind at all times to maximize their options.

"Quality means building the customer’s point of view into every aspect of a product from design to final deliver of the finished product"



We want our client and their family to have the best direction. It is very important to build relationships with the clients. It is also important that every client get an individualized plan. The company will operate in an ethic manner and will serve the interests of the client. We will also be able to provide the best legal, financial, and agent services. Our clients and their families will be part of every step of this plan.

Mikey Henley

-The Eclectic Entertainer was born June 7 1978 in North York, Ontario. Canada-

Mikey Henley lives in an eclectic spectrum of a life story to say the least.
He has learned and continues to learn lessons, both bad and good in the process of his creation. All the while creating genuine lessons and stories to entertain not only himself, but all of you as well. Having lived, worked and traveled across North America many times, Mikey's repertoire and set list has become a substantial story book for entertainment. Where most people have to use someone else as reference for their stories and jokes...Mikey is that story and those jokes. From clean down home humor, stupid silly satire and slap stick. To eclectically explicit with extremely vulgar lyrics. Mikey Henley is a unique character that brings awesome and insane stories to life, and brings you the audience along for the process. He is the kind of comedian, entertainer and person to not only take you to the edge, but make you want to jump off with him. The life Mikey lives has helped inspire, humor and change the lives of those around him through comedy, entertainment and motivational speeches. Though an eclectic entertainer of all styles of comedy and entertainment, Mikey Henley finds his comedic role models to those of Andy Kaufman, George Carlin and Richard Pryor to name a few.

Writer, Producer, Director, Actor

Sets, skits, shorts, full, feature, films, TV, documentaries, plays, radio, newspapers, online, other.
Founder of SiC KIDZ for Sick Kids. Organization of entertainers in support of sick kids hospitals, schools, programs, etc.
Co-founder of Eco-Ninjas. Community clean through adopt a road program, and others. Winners of 2014 Niagara Region Environmental award.
Founder of Eco-Ninja obstacle course training, and fitness challenge.

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Brad "Kamikaze" Foster

Brad "Kamikaze" Foster - Strength & Conditioning Specialist; Overseeing the fitness programs at Kamikaze Punishment and designing the best possible course layouts to ensure students get the best possible results is what Brad loves to do. Brad is heavily certified with many credentials including: Sports Nutrition Certification, High Intensity Fitness Kettlebell Certification, Herbs and Supplements Certification, Strength & Conditioning Certification, Health Club Management Certification, Spinning Bike Certification, Healthy Eating For Weight Loss Certification, Personal Trainer Certification, TRX Level 1 Certification, First Aid & CPR, NCCP Level Canadian Boxing Coach Certification.

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Kurt Southern vs Brad Cardinal_005-(ZF-7575-50582-1-012).jpg

Gasper "Boom Boom" Bonomo

Gasper Bonomo –Kickboxing/Boxing Striking Specialist with world class striking experience coach Gasper Bonomo is based out of Kamikaze Punishment Headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta. Gasper holds an impressive professional record of 21 wins, 16 by knockout, and no losses. He also set a Canadian national record for being the first to hold championship belts in 2 different weight classes simultaneously.

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