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We will look at the athlete and their position to help build up a brand name and will help them get the biggest return for their performance. We encourage that the athletes we work with participate in charitable activities and help raise social awareness.

Martin Kampmann is a 17th time UFC veteran. He’s been ranked in the top ten of the UFC welterweight division 4 years in a row. Martin has won Fight of the night honors, Submission of the night honors as well as Knockout of the night honors in the UFC. He was the Cagewarriors middleweight champion and the Danish Thai boxing champion in his native Denmark. Martin has been coached by some of the best in the sports individual disciplines. Martin was coached and trained by UFC hall of famer Randy Couture having been training at Xtreme Couture for years. Martin has been coached and cornered for years by kickboxing and K-1 legend Ray Sefo. Martin is a brown belt in Brazilian jiujitsu under bjj world champion Robert Drysdale. These among countless other coaches has helped shape Martin into the fighter and coach he is today.

KAMPMANN MMA AFFILIATION PROGRAM is the only fully functional program that properly combines all aspects of mixed martial arts (MMA) into effective and practical use for MMA competition. Get your instructor/gym certified under the KAMPMANN MMA AFFILIATE PROGRAM and raise your MMA game to the next level.

With making the evaluation process for students more a hands on approach it adds the element of a true martial artist being conditioned in all aspects of the sport. By being conditioned and fluent in each area of mixed martial arts will in return produce a more superior athlete and mixed martial arts. The program offers a very diverse hierarchy and many options for students to work towards their goals within the mixed martial arts sport. Such as becoming a certified Kampmann MMA instructor, coach, combative technician, or fitness athlete. Regardless of the path you choose to take in the Kampmann MMA program one thing is for certain you will have the opportunity to transform into the best possible individual you can be by having an amazing support system to assist in your success.

The future of MMA is not learning each separate discipline in its own but combining them together with a mindset 100% targeted for MMA competition. BJJ, Boxing, Wrestling Kickboxing etc all has lots of technique and forms that makes each style unique, but therefore also lots that is not applicable to MMA competition. If you want to be the best at BJJ and Boxing you should train those individual disciplines. If you want to be the best at MMA you must combine the disciplines into one and trim the excess. Having learned from the best in the business as well as having his own personal trial and error at the highest level of the sport, Martin has put together a complete MMA program. Making a program that combines the best of each separate discipline and put together for the best possible implementation as a whole into MMA.

Martin “HITMAN” Kampmann

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Become an affiliate

Gasper Bonomo Kickboxing is a very well-known quality kickboxing program, and now you can use it to help you build your business. The program will help you to improve your own technique, which was means you can attract more students and increase your earnings.

Quality Curriculum 

If you are committed to building your business as a kickboxing instructor, then becoming a Gasper Bonomo Kickboxing Program (GBK) affiliate will help you achieve your goals. As you become more proficient, so you will your students and this means that you are more likely to retain them for longer, which in turn leads to increased earnings.

When you become certified as an official GBK school your students can be sure that they are being taught the same techniques that Gasper Bonomo teaches his own students. You can be sure that you are now part of a family that will support each other to reach their goals and to teach the best kickboxing program that there is on the market today. Gasper has over 35 year’s experience in this industry, which offers reassurance that he knows what works and what doesn't.

Enhance your facilities program

The curriculum of GBK is very easy to follow, and is something that can be picked up quickly. As an affiliate you will also have access to a number of resources such as training equipment and clothing, as well as access to any seminars that may be held in the future. All of this will be available to you at a very reasonable price which can also help to make your business more profitable.

Gasper Bonomo Kickboxing Program offers instruction in a sport that enhances the ability of a person to grow as an individual while also helping people of all backgrounds and relationships to strengthen community ties. This is a well-regarded organization with a specific philosophy that its employees and members stand behind. The GBK family has dedicated itself to the promotion of sound morals and to spreading the word about kickboxing as an art and philosophical system.

As you learn all that Gasper has to teach you, you will find him becoming a friend as well as a business mentor. Working with him can only improve your business and allow you to grow your reputation as an effective coach.

As an official affiliate owner of a GBK program, this vision will be part of at least some, if not all, of your life. As such, you should have a thorough understanding of GBK's core tenets and history.

The GBK Certification Program

Kickboxing in general has grown substantially over the past several years, and this has led to greater demand for skilled instructors capable of working well with the public. The GBK certification program is designed to ensure your staff are able to fulfill these duties and meet the requirements set forth in Master Gasper Bonomo's original philosophy. At the same time, the GBK program is constantly evolving to include improvements and new discoveries that refine the kickboxing curriculum. Once your instructors have completed the courses in the certification program, they will receive a physical certificate to show their accomplishment.


GBK Certified

"Ranked Black Level Masters"

The GBK program has a level known as the ranked black level, an expert level that shows the recipient has not only reached expert status in the practical instruction and application of kickboxing itself, but also in the application of the system's philosophy as a way of improving that person's life and health. Black belts in the GBK program have fully committed themselves to constant improvement, with a goal of perfection in mind.

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